Woodside Lake Is Now Accepting Applications
For New MembersMembership Renewal for previous members and Woodside Estates homeowners will continue.   
To apply,  please send an email to See the general membership information and application fees at our website membership section.    Do Not apply using any of the online links as a website upgrade disabled that capability. We apologize for any inconvenience.     Once we receive your email application request, we will email you the required application and disclosure forms to complete and return.   Dues payments will not be processed until the return of the application and disclosure forms. Payments can be made by check ( made out to Woodside Estates Corporation and mailed to Woodside Estates Corporation, PO Box 9361, McLean, VA 22192) or via PayPal ( payments to our account at woodside   New applications will be accepted on a first come basis and continue until we reach maximum membership capacity

For Renewing Members and Woodside Estates Members:

Follow the application process instructions noted below.  A membership email reminder will also be sent to 2021 members and any other known Woodside Estates homeowners.  Please allow up to 7 business days to process applications.   Membership will be confirmed by email to include information for a new gate access code.    

For Others Interested in Becoming New Members;

New member applications are only being accepted for homeowners in Woodside Estates at this time. 

New member applications are not being accepted at this time for those living outside of Woodside Estates.   Please do not submit any applications and/or payments.  Individuals who are not currently eligible for membership and who submit membership fees and application in a non-open season will forfeit $50 of their submission. The remaining amount submitted will be refunded.  The Woodside Estates Corporation does not maintain a waiting list for membership.

After 30 April, please check this website for a new message regarding membership for new members.  Applications will be processed on a first come, first serve basis.  Please note that membership will be open to new applications only if membership has not reached capacity through renewals and new Woodside Estates’ residents. 

2022 Membership Process and Fees:   

  • New Member Initial One-Time Fee: $100
  • Annual Membership Fee: $400
  • Senior Membership Annual Fee: $100; applicant must be the primary actual homeowner, 65 years or older.
  • Payment Methods: PayPal (online – see Note 1) or Check (mail in)
  • PayPal transaction fees must be paid with membership fees (3% of total fees); Membership applications will not be processed if transaction fees are not paid.
  • Drain Replacement Fund donations welcomed in addition to membership fees. (see note 2)

Note 1:  Membership is not complete until application and disclosure forms are received along with payment.  Please allow 7 business days to process your application.

Note 2:  Drain Replacement Fund: The drainage system for our spring-fed lake will have to be replaced in the near future. The Woodside Estates Corporation initiated a saving reserve fund for this future endeavor. The repair cost is beyond this reserve fund to date and beyond the annual total dues intake and operational expenses to maintain the lake/lake property. Therefore, a donation for the fund above membership fees is always welcomed. 

The 2022 Membership Application Information Package includes the following documents:  

  • Membership Application: 
  • Membership/Household Information, Fees, Payment Methods
  • Disclosure Form (must sign and date)
  • Lake Use Safety Compliance  
  • Lake Use COVID-19 Precautions 
  • Volunteer Opportunities for Members

To view information, download the Application package in WordDoc or PDF format.

PAYPAL Online Payment 

  • Send total payment to include transaction fee via PayPal link (link appears after you click on “Send” for your application).
  • Transaction Fee: Please remember to add 3% of total fees in your payment amount. (For example, an annual membership fee is $400 per household; the transaction fee would be $12.00, so the PayPal total payment would be $412.00). 
  • Complete and submit application and the disclosure forms via the Lake’s website as noted.

To Apply for Membership by Mail

  • Download Application Forms and print out the membership application and disclosure forms.
  • Complete and sign/date the forms.
  • Mail all completed/signed Forms and membership fee(s) payment check to:
    Woodside Estates Corporation
    ATTN:  Treasurer
    O. Box 9361
    McLean, VA 22102

If anyone has questions regarding the membership application, please send an email to .  A Board member will contact you to assist as needed.