About the Lake


Woodside Lake sits on approximately eight acres of land located at the intersection of Brook Road and Daleview Drive in McLean, Virginia. (The exact address is 8761 Brook Rd.) It is fed by springs as well as two creeks. It is owned by the Woodside Estates Corporation, a non-profit organization. The Lake has a sandy beach area and docks for swimming. It is home to numerous wildlife, including a 30-year-old snapping turtle, blue and grey herons, woodpeckers, wild turkey, beavers, and numerous fish. It has been a focal point of the community for over 50 years.


The Berry Family developed Woodside Estates and dammed a creek in 1955 to form the Lake. The Lake was put into a trust for the community‚Äôs use and enjoyment. In 1983, the Woodside Lake Association was formed (incorporated as “Woodside Estates Corporation”) and purchased the Lake from the Trust for $1.00. The association has maintained the Lake since. Members of Woodside Estates and its surrounding communities are eligible to join the Lake Association. Annual dues and donations are used for maintenance costs, including mowing and landscaping, electricity, repair of the drains and docks, and insurance.

The Board and Officers

The Lake is run by a small Board of Directors along with volunteers who pitch in to help maintain the property and plan social events (see VOLUNTEERING). Board members serve a three year to life term on a volunteer basis. Current board members are:

President: Michael Christiani
Lake Engineer and Historian: Rob Jacobsen
Membership: Mayte Fedowitz
Maintenance: Jason Jones
Treasurers: Jennifer Stevens & Steve Palmer
Communications: James Newberry
Social Chair: Vacant