Looking for volunteer opportunities in support of your community and Woodside Lake?

Please consider sharing your time and talents!  The Woodside Estates Corporation Board of Directors is seeking members who are interested in any of the following volunteer Board and/or volunteer Committee positions as part of our ongoing operational activities and succession planning.

Board of Directors/Officers of the Corporation are voted positions. The Corporation Board of Director positions listed are per the Corporation’s ByLaws.  Committee members are appointed by the Board.

If interested in any of the following positions, send an email to the Board at woodsidelake@gmail.com, a current Board member will contact you to discuss eligibility, roles, responsibilities, election or appointment process, terms of office, etc.

Board member interest:

__President/Chairman *:  principal executive officer; oversees all operations/activities in managing the lake property; resident of Woodside Estates
__Vice-President:  assists the president in operational activities, resident of Woodside Estates
__Secretary *: keeps minutes of meetings; custodian of corporation records; resident of Woodside Estates
__Treasurer *:  manages finances of the Corporation (manages bank accounts, pays expense bills, etc); resident of Woodside Estates
__Board Member(s) At Large: assist in Corporation matters and operational activities

Committee membership interest:
Committee members are appointed by the Board and work in liaison with Board members
__Communication (e.g., developing/disseminating newsletters, updating bulletin board, signage, website management/updates, etc)
__Welcome Ambassadors/Social Activities (e.g., greeting members at the lake; random member verifications at the lake; coordinating any special post-Covid lake events, etc)
__Membership (e.g., annual membership registration management, member rosters, etc)
__Legal (e.g. corporation bylaws, documents review, lake property related negotiations and agreements, county & state code/ordinance updates, annual insurance document review/renewal, etc)
__Lake Property Maintenance/Repair (e.g,, lake cleanup days; water testing; general repairs or replacement of picnic tables, gates/fencing, docks; painting; gate security access; identifying contractors for selected maintenance/repair work, etc)

Note:  lawn cutting service is already contracted/paid through the Lake Association operational budget