Lake Safety

Per email communication to lake members, as of 29 October 2022, the lake water is safe for water entry activities.  The recent commercial water treatment in addition to the recent cooler weather was effective in treating the algae blooms. 

Safety at Woodside Lake and Park is essential for everyone!  Members and guests are expected to comply with all Woodside Lake and Park use rules and related information to remain as members in good standing.  Check the Lake website, bulletin board, signage, and/or member emails for safety updates. 

The following information provides members and their guests with LAKE RULES and COVID-19 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS.


1) WOODSIDE LAKE AND PARK (including the gravel road trail) is private property in its entirety. Its use is strictly limited to members and their guests. USE OF THE LAKE AND PARK IS AT THE RISK OF THE USER AND ALL USERS ASSUME ALL RISK OF INJURY OR DEATH RESULTING THEREFROM.  ALL MEMBERS COMPLETE/SIGN A DISCLOSURE STATEMENT.

2) USE OF LAKE: The use of the Lake and Park is limited to members in good standing (those who have paid their dues and completed current waivers).  All members must follow the rules posted at the Lake bulletin board, gates, on this website, and any updated information provided in correspondence from the Board or designee(s).   Non-compliance with lake rules could result in loss of membership or other actions.  Also, use caution when using the trail between Brook Road and Overlook Road due to uneven trail conditions.

3) GATE ACCESS:  The walk-through gate access and the double gate access fence must be kept locked at all times.  Members are not to share the lake gate access code(s) with guests and non-members.  Gate access code changes are emailed directly to members only.  The gate entry to the trail between Brook Road and Overlook Road does not have an access lock.

4) HOURS OF USE: Use of the Park and Lake is limited from 7 am to dusk.  No one is to be at the Lake and Park and not use the Brook Road-Overlook Road trail after dark.  Violators may be prosecuted.  If there is some extenuating circumstance, any extension of these hours must be arranged in advance with an Officer or Board member (email in advance to

5) COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS:  Members and guests are expected to follow current COVID-19 precautions  (see below or updates based on local, state, and federal guidance or regulations).    Safety and respect for each other in our community is important for all to follow in the use of the Lake and Park.

6) GUESTS: Members may bring guests to the Lake or Park. Any member who brings a guest is responsible for informing the guest of the risks associated with use of the lake and park as set forth in the disclosure form. More than 10 guests is considered a party (see below and the Events section of this website for current guidance).

7) PARTIES: A member desiring to have a party (defined as more than 10 non-members) must register with the Board secretary or designee. Guests must be accompanied at all times by a member. (See EVENTS section of the webpage for details and/or email the Board at ).

8) ALCOHOL: Reasonable consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed on Lake property for members and their guests who are of the legal drinking age (21 and over). Consumption of alcoholic beverages by individuals under 21 is strictly prohibited.  Members and/or their guests who exhibit untoward behaviors will be asked to leave the Lake and/or other actions taken.

9) CLOTHING:  Appropriate and respectable clothing and swimwear will be worn at all times.

10) CHILDREN: Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Members are responsible for the safety of their children. Life vests are encouraged for all non-swimmers whenever they are near the water.

11) WATERCRAFT (boats, canoes, kayaks, rafts, etc) are not to be used within the beach and shoreline dock areas. NO motorized boats or motorized watercraft are allowed in the lake at any time.  Watercraft and oars owned by the lake association must be returned to the dry landing area after use.  At times, the Lake owned watercraft may be locked up and unavailable for use (e.g., currently during COVID pandemic).  Lake owned watercraft is not for community use.

12) SWIMMING in the lake is not recommended for the first 48 hours after it rains due to the increased fecal coliform content at that time from area run off.

13) FISHING is catch and release only.  A fishing license is not required at the lake.  Do not leave lose fish hooks/line on docks, beach area, and/or grassy areas.  Use caution and do not cast fishing lines from the beach area or near children and adults swimming or boating.

14) ANIMALS: Be mindful to follow the Fairfax County Animal Ordinance at all times at the Lake and Park.  Animals, such as dogs, must be leashed and controlled at all times.  Remove excrement immediately.

15) CLEAN UP: Members are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. No personal watercraft or toys are to be left out at the lake at any time.  Trash containers are on site for use by members.

16) SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY:  Report any suspicious activity, signs of vandalism, inappropriate behavior or observing non-members who have accessed the Lake.  If necessary, call the Fairfax County Police at the non-emergency number:  703-691-2131.  If you have any questions or safety concerns, please send an email to the Lake Officers and Board members at .  A Board member will respond to your inquiry.


The Lake water is regularly tested to determine if it is suitable for swimming. Most recent test dates and results will be posted on this website.   PLEASE NOTE:  In the rare event that water conditions are determined to be unsuitable for swimming, a message will be posted at the Lake, on this website, and emailed to Lake Members. 


Covid-19 Precautions Remain in Effect at the Lake Based on Current State and County Guidelines:  The safety and well-being of all our members, families/guests and our community at large need to take precedence and remain foremost as our public health responsibility and respect for each other.

While it is safer to be outside than indoors, that does not mean that the risk of becoming infected with the Covid-19 virus is zero while at the lake.

The Board will monitor the local, county, state, and federal guidance and update precautions accordingly.

Please comply with the following precautions:

Do’s :

  • do stay home if sick or recently exposed to someone with Covid-19
  • do quarantine for at least 10 days (or current federal/state/local guidance) if you or a household member have been exposed to someone with Covid-19, have symptoms, or tested positive for Covid-19
  • do use disinfectant wipes on surfaces/hand sanitizer to cleanse hands frequently
  • do wear a proper mask if you are not up to date on your vaccines or consider wearing a mask in crowded out door settings/activities with close contact with others who are not fully vaccinated (per Fairfax County guidance)
  • do respect those who wear protective masks and/or who maintain physical distancing
  • do follow current local, county, and state Covid-19 requirements


  • don’t come to the lake if you are sick, have been in contact with anyone sick or have Covid-19 symptoms or if you or household member have been tested positive or diagnosed with the Covid virus until after the current federal/state/or local applicable quarantine time frame

Special Events:  See the “Events” section of the website.  .

Watercraft:   You may bring your own watercraft items (e.g., canoe, kayak) to use at the lake but personal watercraft items cannot be stored at the lake.