Why do we ask for donations for the Drain Fund?

The drain in Woodside Lake is deteriorating and is well past its expected years of use. It has been repaired several times over the years but the stem pipe has eroded beyond reasonable repair. While there may be existing options for a more extensive repair/replacement, Fairfax Country is requiring that any such project meet Country Code, which requires extensive structural changes and has been estimated to cost several hundred thousand dollars. The lake’s operating budget is modest, and we simply don’t have money for this kind of undertaking. This is why we ask for donations to the drain fund. Your contributions, above and beyond the cost of membership (nearly all of which goes to maintenance costs) are put into a separate savings account. We are very far from having sufficient funds to undertake this extensive project, and will continue to encourage the members and friends of Woodside Lake to contribute in order to preserve this natural resource. Please contact a Board member if you would like additional information on the drain issue.