Welcome to the website of Woodside Lake, a private community lake located in McLean, VA.  The lake is owned and managed by the Woodside Estates Corporation.  You can email us at woodsidelake@gmail.com for additional information. To learn more about the history of this treasured natural resource, see the ABOUT THE LAKE section of this website.


Please note:  2021 Membership for Woodside Lake is closed due to maximum capacity. We are no longer accepting new memberships.  Please check our website in 2022 for next year’s application information.  Thank you for your interest in Woodside Lake.

For Renewing Members and Woodside Estates Members:  Applications are being processed.  For those who already submitted your application/waiver and payment, we ask for your patience as applications are being processed.  You will be notified in the near future with a response email.  In the interim, the gate access code is the same as it was at the end of 2020.  Thank you for those who have renewed and especially to those who have also contributed to the drain repair reserve fund.    

For Others Interested in Becoming New Members;  Additional membership is NOT open at this time.  Please do NOT submit any applications or payments.  We will post a new message on this website when membership opens for new members. 

The Woodside Estates Corporation/Woodside Lake Association is currently accepting renewal membership applications from 2020 members and new member applications from Woodside Estates homeowners only.  Applications should be submitted as soon as possible and no later than 30 March 2021.   See the MEMBERSHIP section of our website for application details.  Note:  2020 members will receive a membership renewal email reminder.  Information will also go out to Woodside Estates residents.

Shortly after 30 March 2021, if additional membership capacity is available, membership will be reopened and application information will be posted on the Woodside Lake website.  Applications will be on a first come/ first serve basis.  The Woodside Estates Corporation does not maintain a waiting list for membership.  See Membership section of the website for further details.


Safety of our members and guests is essential at the Lake and Park.  Please review the revised Lake Rules and COVID-19 Precautions in the SAFETY section of the website.  You will also find this information in our website’s MEMBERSHIP section.


Although we have no upcoming social events planned yet for 2021 due to COVID-19 precautions, keep checking our website and members please check your email for updates.


Looking for volunteer opportunities in support of your community and Woodside Lake?

Please consider sharing your time and talents!  The Woodside Estates Corporation Officers/Board members are seeking Lake Members who are interested in any of the following volunteer Board and/or Committee positions as part of our ongoing operational activities and succession planning process.

Officers/Board of Directors of the Corporation are voted positions.  The Corporation Board of Director positions listed are per the Corporation’s ByLaws.  Committee members are appointed by the Board and work in liaison with Board members.  Click on  Board of Directors and Committees  for a brief description of the various positions.

If interested in any of the below positions, send an email to the Board at woodsidelake@gmail.com.  Let us know which position(s) are of interest to you in serving. A current Board member will contact you to discuss eligibility, roles, responsibilities, election and/or appointed process, terms of office, etc. 

Board of Director Positions:  

__President/Chairperson: principal executive officer; oversees all operations/activities in managing the lake property and the Corporation; must be resident of Woodside Estates.

__Vice-President:  assists the president in operational activities; must be resident of Woodside Estates.

__Secretary:  keeps minutes of meetings; custodian of Corporation records; must be resident of Woodside Estates

__Treasurer:  manages finances of the Corporation, e.g., manages bank accounts, pays expense bills, prepares financial reports, etc. ; must be resident of Woodside Estates.

__Attorney (Virginia Licensed):  advises Board on legal matters; reviews and prepares relevant Corporation documents.

__Board Member(s) at Large:  assist in Corporation matters and operational activities.

Committee Membership Positions:

__Communication (e.g. developing/disseminating newsletters, updating bulletin board, signage, website management/updates, etc)

__Welcome Ambassadors/Social Activities (e.g., greeting members at the Lake; random member verification at the Lake; coordinating Lake sponsored social events (post-Covid), etc)

__Membership (e.g. annual membership registration management, member rosters, etc)

__Legal (e.g. corporation bylaws, documents review/preparation, lake property related negotiations and agreements, county and state code/ordinance updates, annual insurance document review/renewal, etc)

__Lake Property Maintenance/Repair (e.g. lake cleanup days coordination, water testing, performing or contracting general minor repairs/painting or replacement of picnic tables, gates/fencing, docks; gate security access procedures; identifying contractors for selected maintenance/repair work; etc)  Note:  lawn cutting service is already contracted/paid through the Corporation’s operational budget.

Woodside Lake Beautification Day, Volunteers Needed

Greetings to All Woodside Lake 2021 Members! Come join in a day of Lake member camaraderie as we prepare for the full start of our season!  

It’s that time of year – preparing for summer at the Lake!

When:  Saturday, 22 May 2021, starting @ 10:00am, Lunch/Refreshments:  12:00 pm (provided by  The Woodside Estates Corporation / Woodside Lake Association)

What: —Raking/Cleaning up beach area and 5 feet into the water—Cleaning canoes and kayaks—General trimming & cutting branches/trees/bushes

Please bring:  rakes, shovels; hedge & branch cutters; buckets/rags/brushes/cleaning solutions; gloves, etc, etc.—

RSVP: woodsidelake@gmail.com by  19 May 2021

Reminder:  This is a great community activity for children and teens who need community service credit hours.

Fish stocking !

For the first time in over 30+ years, Woodside Lake will be getting thousands (7,700 to be exact) of small fish inserted on June 27th. They will be blue gills, shiners, flat head minnows and large mouth bass. PLEASE note that the lake is strictly “catch and release” currently and will remain so until these newly installed fish have a chance to mature.

Spring Clean Up Date!

We are excited to kick-off the lake season with a family-friendly “Spring Cleanup”! Please join us on Saturday, 1 June 2019, to help spruce up the lake and picnic area — followed by refreshments, snacks and pizza!

Movie Night – May 20th

Please join us at Woodside Lake Saturday, May 20th for our first outdoor movie night of the season. The movie will begin after sunset, around 8:00pm. We’ll be voting on what to watch from among PG movies.

Feel free to come earlier and enjoy the lake, chat with your fellow lake members, fire up the grill, etc. The Lake Association will be providing water, beer, wine and snacks, but still feel free to bring your own munchies. Also feel free to bring patio chairs, blankets, and other appropriate seating.

All Lake members are more than welcome to invite non-member guests. The more the merrier!

If you still need to renew your membership for 2017, please bring a check along with you.

Hope to see everyone May 20th!